2 December 2020 | Online Conference

HCCH a|Bridged: Innovation in Cross-Border Litigation and Civil Procedure

Edition 2020: Golden Anniversary of the HCCH 1970 Evidence Convention

How have 50 years of HCCH Evidence Convention facilitated cross-border proceedings in civil or commercial matters? Is there a best practice when taking evidence under Chapter I of the Convention? What are the best means of obtaining evidence that can be effectively utilized in proceedings in the state of origin where proceedings are pending? What are the challenges and opportunities raised by the “direct” taking of evidence by a commissioner? What are the lessons to be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic?

These and other questions concerning cross-border litigation and civil procedure are already being discussed at international forums around the world. In this context, the German EU Council Presidency and the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) are jointly organizing HCCH a|Bridged – Edition 2020. This event will commemorate the golden anniversary of the HCCH Evidence Convention, and will bring together international experts and stakeholders from different backgrounds to discuss practical challenges on the cross-border taking of evidence and possible solutions to further facilitate cross-border proceedings in the next 50 years. 

The HCCH a|Bridged format will ensure the event remains true to its name, being short and sharp. After a keynote speech entitled “50 years of the HCCH Evidence Convention – Facilitating cross-border proceedings”, the first panel will discuss the question of “Effective Taking of Evidence under Chapter I of the Convention: A Requesting State’s Perspective”. The second panel will discuss challenges and opportunities as regards the “Taking of Evidence under Chapter II of the Convention”.

For more details, please see above the event’s programme and concept note as well as background information on our speakers and conveners.